Which browsers and devices are compatible with Netclicker TV and Netclicker Remote app?

Netclicker TV is a browser extension that is controlled by the Netclicker Remote app and is currently available on Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge.

Netclicker TV typically runs on laptop and desktop computers and not tablet, smart TVs, gaming consoles nor other devices.

The Netclicker Remote app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Do I need a Netflix, YouTube...X account?

Netflix: yes, you need a Netflix account in order to access Netflix content; Netclicker is purely used as a “clicker” or “remote control” to control Netflix at a distance.

YouTube: no, an account is not necessary, you can still make use of some of the publicly accessible sections of YouTube without an account.

X account: typically if the site requires you to be logged in, then you would need an account but otherwise, we will try our best to support publicly available sections.

Is Netclicker free?

Yes, Netclicker (Netclicker TV and the Netclicker Remote) is 100% free and will do our best to keep it that way :)

Is Netclicker safe?

We use end to end encryption and we do not store any of your platforms account details nor passwords.

Is my viewing history recorded?

No, the supported platforms may do so but we will never track your viewing history without asking for your permission first.

Feedback or Support

We appreciate honest feedback and will take into consideration your requests and suggestions.

We frequently update our extensions and mobile apps. Make sure that you have the latest versions which could include fixes and other updates.

If your issue still persists, try the support forum or email us at